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Introducing New to 2

A new series of online videos matched with live presentations at the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows®, educating new riders on the world of motorcycling. New To 2 is hosted by experienced motorcyclists, Monique Filips and Jordan Diggs, with special surprise guests at select shows.  We invite you to check out the videos, share with friends, and come see us in-person at the show nearest you.  We hope to see you cruising down the road someday!


IMS Rides

How To Get Into Motorcycling

New to 2 Videos

Welcome To New To 2

Understanding Sportbikes

Let's Talk About Cruisers

Getting Kids Started on Motorcycles Early

Quick Minute Videos

Are You New to Offroad Riding

Why Training for New Riders is Paramount

Buying Motorcycles

Introduction to Sportbikes

New to More than Two-Wheels

 Moving Up the Ladder

Managing Motorcycle Weight

Introducing Kids to Motorcycling

Motorcycle Helmets 101

Introduction to Family Riding

Motorcycle Gloves 101

Introduction to Dirt Bikes

Introduction to Cruisers

Motorcycle Boots 101

Big Bikes Too Fast

Become a Motorcycle Ambassador

 Packing for a Trip

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Where to Find Group Rides



Monique Filips

Monique Filips fell in love with sport bikes at an early age, and her first bike was a 1988 Suzuki Katana. After starting a family, she now enjoys spending her time on sport bikes, touring, and family adventures in the dirt and by sidecar. She enjoys sharing her love of motorcycles with the people she meets on the road. Her current bikes include a Honda VFR, Honda CRF 250x, Honda Shadow with Champion sidecar. 

Jordan Diggs

Jordan Diggs is a motorcycle personality and social media influencer known for creating comedy skits dramatizing common motorcycle scenarios. His garage currently holds many sport bikes built for track use, and a few standard bikes for daily riding.